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Linguistics is the discipline that studies and describes language in all its aspects: its structure, its use, its history, its varieties and how it is learned. Some linguists are interested primarily in devising theories to explain why languages are the way they are and how the human mind shapes language. Other linguists are more concerned with the practical, such as teaching a second language, working as a sign language interpreter or programming a computer to handle linguistic information.

Career Opportunities

  • Teacher of English as a Second Language
  • Editor
  • Language Program Director
  • Media Analyst
  • Instructional Designer
  • Text Analytics Software Tester
  • Search Engine Software Development Engineer
  • Computational Linguistics Engineer or Researcher
  • ASL Interpreter

Undergraduate Programs

BA in Linguistics

The BA provides students with a grounding in Linguistics, the scientific study of natural human language. Linguistics contributes significantly to our understanding of what it means to be human. It is a broad field, covering all aspects of cognitive and social functioning. Linguists study modern languages, ancient languages and endangered languages. They carry out these studies in the classroom, in computer, psychology, and speech laboratories, in fieldwork throughout the world, and in settings where languages are interpreted.

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BA in Linguistics with Teacher Certification in English as a Second Language (Preschool-Grade 12)

This program combines the required courses for the BA in Linguistics with those required for Teacher Certification in ESL for grades P-12. Students will graduate with the qualifications to follow their passion and become certified teachers.

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BA in Linguistics (Combined BA/MAT with Teacher Certification in English as a Second Language (Preschool-Grade 12) and Teacher of Students with Disabilities)

The Dual Degree Dual Certification program is an accelerated program that leads to teacher certification in grades P-12, teacher certification in Teacher of Students with Disabilities, a baccalaureate degree and a master’s degree.

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BA in Linguistics with Concentration in American Sign Language/English Interpreting

In this concentration students gain a grounding in the components of American Sign Language from sound and sign to discourse and meaning, preparing students for a career in ASL-English interpreting, a field for which demand is growing.

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BA in Linguistics with Concentration in Language Engineering

Language engineering teaches the skills needed to improve human-computer interactions, such as speech and voice recognition, predictive text, voice-command interfaces, voice-command interfaces, spelling and grammar checkers, machine translation, document summarization, search algorithms, and text-to-speech synthesis.

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Minor in Linguistics

The Linguistics minor is an eighteen-credit program with one required course, Introduction to General Linguistics, and five additional courses chosen by the student.

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Graduate Programs

MA in Applied Linguistics

The MA in Applied Linguistics prepares students for careers in a variety of professions where an understanding of language is essential.

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MS in Computational Linguistics

Merge your love of language with your passion for technology. Computational Linguistics is a dynamic field and Montclair State has the only master’s program of its kind in New Jersey.

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Computational Linguistics Certificate Program

The Computational Linguistics Certificate Program provides students with a basic education in the interdisciplinary field of computational linguistics, learning to develop tools that support the interface of the person with the computer.

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Instructional Certification – Subject Area Certification (Preschool – Grade 12)

This program prepares candidates for additional New Jersey P-12 certification in teaching English as a Second Language.

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Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Certificate Program

The Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Certificate Program prepares students to teach English language skills abroad or to teach adults in the U.S. The entire program is designed to be completed in two semesters of full-time study.

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