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Religion plays an outsize role in communities and nations in today’s world. Nationally, we see everything from carefully argued Supreme Court decisions about religious freedom to heated political debates about religion as it relates to education, sexuality and/or social justice. Globally, religion is a major force in politics and thus is a dominant theme in both major news outlets and social media. Our alumni go on to careers in education, helping professions, non-profits and law. Many pursue graduate study as well.

Career Opportunities

  • Teacher
  • Healthcare Worker
  • Lawyer
  • Non-Profit Worker
  • Researcher

Undergraduate Programs

BA in Religious Studies

The Baccalaureate program in Religion has a strong emphasis on world religions and on religion as a cultural, social, and political force in the world.

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BA in Religious Studies (Combined BA/MBA)

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BA in Religious Studies Major with Teacher Certification in Elementary School Teacher in Grades K-6

This program combines the required courses for the BA in Religion with those required for certification as an elementary school teacher in New Jersey. The study of Religion in a secular setting gives our majors both extensive cultural understanding and strong analytical abilities as they prepare to become classroom teachers.

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BA in Religious Studies (Combined BA/MAT with Teacher Certification in Grades K – 6 and Teacher of Students with Disabilities)

The Dual Degree/Dual Certification program is an accelerated program that leads to a baccalaureate in Religion, certification to teach grades K-6, certification as a Teacher of Students with Disabilities, and a Master’s in Teaching.  Paired with the broad cultural understanding and strong analytical abilities students develop while studying Religion in a secular setting, this dual-degree option provides excellent preparation to become a classroom teacher.

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Minor in Religious Studies

The Religious Studies Minor is an eighteen-credit program available to undergraduate students from any major. Courses will cover topics ranging from religions of the world, religious texts, religion and ethical issues, and more.

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Minor in Native American and Indigenous Studies

NAIS at Montclair State will teach about these integrated ways of knowing and strive to reach the broader goals of the field through an academic minor consisting of 18 credit hours. The program will include two new courses. NAIS 101 is an introduction to Native American and Indigenous studies, and NAIS 401 is a capstone seminar course designed to provide students with opportunities for engaged research with local Indigenous communities. All other courses in the minor currently exist within a wide range of disciplines across the University, including Anthropology, History, Religion, English, Educational Foundations, Art History, and more.

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