Presentation Hall with large stage and screen and seating at the School of Communication and Media

Presentation Hall

Our 193-seat Presentation Hall is the up-to-the-minute setting for conferences, seminars, training events, film festivals and conventions. With its six cameras and state-of-the art technologies, you’ll be able to record, live stream or simply support your live event.

Presentation Hall features include:

CART SCM Interior
  • 193 Seat (187 fixed seats and 6 wheelchair) Theater
  • 47’x14’ Stage
  • 20’ grid, catwalk and side trees for lighting
  • Stewart Directors Dual Masking Projection Screen
  • Sony SRX-515 4K DCP cinema projector
  • QSC 7.2 Surround Sound System
  • Sony DFS-900 1½ ME Switcher
  • 6 Sony BRZ-900 PTZ cameras with Telematics Control system
  • Harmonics Server (4 Channel)
  • Yamaha QL5 audio board
  • 8 Wireless Shure Microphones (lav or hand held)
  • 4 IFB channels (2 wireless/2 wired)
  • 2 Wireless RTS com belt packs
  • ETC DMX Lighting control (ION board)
  • 4 Assistive Listening receivers
Presentation Hall control room