Studio C

Studio C

Studio C

Meet your programming needs with professional grade production studios, including our two fixed-set studios and our adaptable studio.

Studio A features include:

  • 38’x45’ with 16’ light grid
  • ETC DMX Lighting control (ION board)
  • 3 Sony HSC-300RF cameras on pedestals with teleprompters and talent monitors
  • 1 Sony HSC-300RF camera on Losmandy Jib with robotic head
  • 4 Wireless Sony Lav Mics
  • 4 IFB channels (2 wireless/2 wired)
  • 2 Wireless RTS com belt packs
floorplan of Studio A

Control Room C [Londino]

The Londino Control Room is one of our inter-operational 4K control rooms–each of which can connect to any of our studios. Our high-definition video and audio control rooms give you the ability to composite and live edit video being captured anywhere within our complex.

Three Deck Control Room with the following equipment:

  • Sony MVS-8000G 2½ ME Switcher
  • Harmonics Server (6 Channel)
  • VizRT 1 channel graphics system
  • AutoScript Prompter System
  • RTS communication system
  • SSL C10 audio board (24+8 faders)