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The Grants Manager assists faculty in identifying potential sponsors for research and/or programmatic projects. The Grants Manager also helps the Principal Investigator (PI) in the application process by interpreting guidelines, developing budgets, and completing the application requirements, as well as assists in coordinating with ORSP or the Development Office in submitting proposals.

Types of support include:

  • Assisting in the identification of possible funding opportunities for a project or program
  • Registering faculty with the Pivot database for funding announcement notifications
  • Assisting in the interpretation of sponsor’s guidelines
  • Completing necessary forms, assurances, certifications, etc. necessary for submission
  • Advising and assisting applicants in structuring, sequencing and packaging a proposal
  • Reviewing proposal for formatting, accuracy and adherence to agency objectives
  • Acting as the administrative liaison between the funding agency and the investigator
  • Coordinating CCHL / CEEL approvals and signatures for proposal submission
  • Collaborating with ORSP and/or the Development office

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April Serfass

Post Award Facilitator, College for Education and Engaged Learning

University Hall, 3132

Fax Number: 973-655-7638

The Post-Award Facilitator provides post-award support to external grant recipients. Services include:

  • Advising and assisting CCHL / CEEL faculty and staff in the interpretation and application of policies and procedures that govern grants
  • Account management for both grant and indirect cost revenue funds
  • Reviewing expenditures for compliance
  • Resolving a variety of issues, including accounting, personnel, and system errors
  • Preparation of budget reports for projections and modifications
  • Coordination of purchasing, online requisitioning, and prompt payment when merchandise is received and/or services rendered
  • Review of reports for accuracy
  • Coordination of hiring and payroll for grant-funded personnel
  • Maintenance of essential and confidential records for all activities

For assistance with student-related financial aid grants, please contact the Financial Aid office at 973-655-7600.