Pankaj Lal and student with poster


Research and Advisory Services
Pankaj Lal presenting at a conference

Our experienced research team uses cutting-edge research to provide actionable, science-based insights to our clients. We assist clients in achieving their needs and desired clean energy outcomes for a variety of projects. We help to identify the factors that may influence economic and environmental implications of a projects, including, policy and sustainability relevance, market dynamics, and stakeholder impacts. We undertake applied analyses to advise our clients and recommend ideal implementation strategies.

Modeling and Analytics
group on tour of energy plant

The CESAC team has extensive experience with various modeling and analysis techniques that could be applied to a variety of projects and contexts. We excel in applying existing methods, adapting models for novel purposes, and developing new ones to satisfy project requirements. Using a variety of techniques including economy-wide models, geospatial models, behavioral models, resilience analysis, financial models, emission and energy models, and data analytics at different stages of the project life cycle. We provide timely and accurate analyses for our clients.

Engagement and Outreach
Speaker at CESAC conference

The CESAC team has considerable experience in engagement and outreach stemming from a wide range of research projects. We are capable of both targeted outreach to assist specific groups on projects, which aim to inform stakeholders on clean energy and sustainability initiatives. Using tools like surveys, including paper-based and web based dissemination platforms, workshops, meetings, as well as social media, we tailor our approach to individual projects to maximize impact.

Education and Training
STEM Night school visit

The CESAC team constantly works to stay up to date on most current research, across academia and industry, in order to gain unmatched perspective on clean energy projects. We specialize in making learning accessible for students, stakeholders, and clients, via a variety of media, including presentations, webinars, and publications. As a part of our educational initiatives, we offer training services and capacity building for our clients. We strive to impart best practices in a number of clean energy disciplines, and tailor our expertise to ensure effective skill development for our clients.