Scholarship Recipients holding their certificates.

Scholarships, Internships and Awards

The Coccia Institute is proud to administer, in conjunction with a committee of Italian faculty from the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, a wide array of valuable scholarships, internships, and academic achievement awards for students of Italian at Montclair State University. These awards are funded by Coccia Foundation, the Italian program and other generous organizations in the community. Each spring the Coccia Institute is pleased to host an annual Italian Scholarships and Awards ceremony-reception for recipients and their families, faculty, fellow students and our generous donors. In collaboration with the Italian Program, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, this significant and festive event features award presentations, musical entertainment and remarks by current and former award recipients.

In addition to student awards, Coccia Foundation and Lawrence R. Inserra provide the prestigious annual “Coccia-Inserra Award for Excellence and Innovation in the Teaching of Italian (K-12)” which is presented at the Coccia Institute’s professional development program, “Teaching Italian Symposium/Workshops” each fall.

The Coccia Institute, in conjunction with Coccia Foundation, friends of the Institute and the Department of Spanish and Italian, provides students with numerous opportunities for

  • scholarships
  • internships
  • awards

We welcome you to see what we have to offer and encourage you to contact us for additional information about future scholarships and awards!