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‌The Montclair State University Community Counseling Clinic staff takes your privacy seriously. We adhere to the ethical standards of the American Counseling Association in regard to the counseling you receive, the training and supervision of the graduate students who provide those services, and the confidentiality of services. Information shared with your counselor will be kept strictly confidential. There are, however, a few exceptions that we want you to know about.

To be sure that you receive the best care possible, your assigned counselor receives consultation and suggestions from a supervisor(s) who will review sessions that are digitally recorded. In addition, if your counselor or counselor’s supervisor learns about potentially harmful situations (for example that you or someone else you know is in danger of harming yourself or another person, or a child or elder is being neglected or abused), they are required by law to disclose that information.  Your counselor will explain more about this and other exceptions during your intake meeting.