New Jersey STEM Professional Development Provider

PRISM serves NJ school districts by improving the way science and mathematics are taught. PRISM scientists, educators, and classroom teachers are content-area specialists in curriculum, professional development, and pedagogy. PRISM programs emphasize inquiry-based and constructivist teaching strategies, deep content knowledge development, effective curriculum planning, and instructional technology to improve learning outcomes in science and mathematics.

PRISM staff and programs are housed in the Bristol-Myers Squibb Center for Science Teaching and Learning on the first floor of Blanton Hall. This facility is dedicated to teaching teachers and is fully equipped for experiential learning programs and video-chat connections for distance learning.

 Exciting new opportunity for elementary math teachers.

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Partners in Science Education with:

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 PRISM is located in the Bristol-Myers Squibb Center
for Science Teaching and Learning

Bristol-Meyers Squibb Center for Science Teaching and Learning

Montclair State University - Blanton Hall
973-655-7753 | 973-655-4430 (fax)