Rainforest Connection Live!

Rainforest Connection

STEM in the Rainforest, Bringing the NGSS Alive!

Print our Rainforest Connection Flyer to share with your collegues and friend.

  1. Show this video to introduce students to upcoming Rainforest Connection visits: Call of the Wild Kingdom. This short African wildlife video shows the deserts of Namibia, Savannah of Botswana, and Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.
  2. Watch a GREAT video clip and get a better understanding of the Rainforest Connection.
  3. African Savannahs are in Worse Condition than the World's Rainforests.
  4. Learn more about the plight of the last harbor seal rookery in Southern California.

Look and see what classes did during the Rainforest Connection!

Night time photo of Jaguar The first rainforest video-chats of the school year will be hosted from a remote eco-lodge in Belize in a forest with the highest density of jaguars in the world. PRISM videoconference programs feature live conversations with scientists, researchers, naturalists, teachers, and students from locations such as Panama, Belize, and Australia. The Belize experience will be hosted from ChanChich Lodge near the border of Guatemala, via satellite internet. You can view the location at their website: http://chanchich.com. This is the first opportunity for the year, and will be followed by schedule updates for sessions in February and March, from Panama.

The videoconference hosts will explain research, answer questions, and show the flora and fauna of these habitats. Your class will ask questions and provide comparative information about the topics from your own local habitats and readings. Video Podcasts are offered to participant classes to supplement the live discussions.

Rattlesnake photo
Fer de Lance snake
Talk with a biologist about snakes in the tropics like this venomous Fer-de-lance