Gallery of Rainforest Scenes

path in the Rainforest

View of main trail on BCI at Snyder-Molino 3.8


Large Anacardium tree near Fausto Trail



Twisted liana-- see binoculars for size reference!

lianas close up

Close-up of same liana, showing detail of twisted form.

quassia flower

Quassia flowers are often visited by hummingbirds who sip their nectar.

twisty liana

Lianas are all over, some very large!

pasiflora flower

Passion flowers are among the brightest in the forest.

path in the rainforest

We set many mammal traps along the trail here at Snyder-Molino 3.9

wheeler trail

Jackie standing next to a Dipteryx tree at Wheeler 16

dipteryx treetops

A Dipteryx tree that survived a big storm that knocked down all the trees around it, leaving a huge light gap.

nephila spider

Nephila spiders were very common and very big in 1998, with many strong webs across the trails!

astro caryum

Spiny Palm tree trunks are not for holding onto!

greg on a path in the rainforest

Greg walking along a BCI trail.

clitoria flower

Some lianas have beautiful flowers-- these are eaten by squirrels.

buttress roots

Many big trees form roots shaped like architectural buttresses--they help stabilize the tree in windy weather.
bracket fungus

Fungi on tree trunks like these bracket fungi help break down dead wood and recycle nutrients. See the pen for size reference.

celba tree trunk

Some trees store water for the Dry Season and their trunks get pot-bellied.

Jackie by a fallen tree

Jackie setting up a trip-camera under a Dipteryx tree.

dipteryx fruit

Fruits of Dipteryx that have been dropped by animals that fed on the sweet pulp covering the hard seed. Other mammals will chew through or crack the seed coat and eat the interior--squirrels, agoutis, peccaries, spiny rats.