Jungle Journey

Two to three 45-minute sessions


  • world map
  • globe
  • atlases
  • "Jungle Journey" story
  • large index cards
  • crayons
  • NatureScope
  • pictures of tropical forests
  • think pads


  • Describe what conditions are like in tropical rain forests
  • Identify some plants and animals that live there


  1. Students will predict what animals might live in the tropical forests of Central America and what those forest might look like, writing predictions in think pads.
  2. Student teams will share predictions, followed by class sharing.
  3. Students will be told that they'll be reading a story about two people who explore a tropical rain forest in Central America.
  4. Student pairs will use atlases to locate Central America on map and identify the countries found there, specifically noting Panama.
  5. Student pairs will read "A Jungle Journey." As students read they will stop after every two or three paragraphs, say and then write something they've learned from the story so far.
  6. After reading all of the story student teams will discuss what the characters did and saw in the forest.
  7. Whole class discussion of the story. Review pictures of plants and animals mentioned in it.
  8. Individual project: Students will pretend they were on the trip, and plan and make postcards depicting their favorite part. On one side of an index card they will draw their favorite part and on the other side write a description of something that happened during the trip to a friend back home.
  9. Student teams - review class list of questions from previous lesson about tropical rain forests and select four that all agree are potential essential questions.
  10. Whole class discussion and selection of essential questions.

NJ Core Standards: Science 5.6, 5.7; Language Arts 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4.


Braus, Judy, Editor. Ranger Rick's NatureScope: Rain Forests - Tropical Treasures. Washington, D.C.: National Wildlife Federation, 1989