Tropical Deforestation: Are You Part of the Problem?

Two 45 minute sessions


  • Problem scenarios
  • team directions
  • news cast directions
  • paper
  • pencils
  • easel boards
  • dry erase markers


In this lesson students work together in teams to discuss and evaluate how human actions in developed countries affect tropical forests' problems. Teams will develop and present a news cast to share their conclusions and suggested solutions. Cooperative learning strategies used are:

  • Heads Together
  • Team Roles and Rewards
  • Three Step Interview


  • Identify and evaluate problems facing tropical forests.
  • Analyze and describe strategies that may help protect tropical forests.


  • Heads together - teams will review and discuss what they've learned thus far about tropical deforestation.
  • Whole group instruction - team procedures for evaluating one problem from Are you Part of the Problem?
  • Model with one problem on the overhead.
  • Student teams will review and evaluate problem given to them, using Three Step Interview process.
  • Teams will prepare a newscast to present to the whole group, informing them about the problem and possible solutions.
  • Team presentations of news casts.

Class discussion:

  • What have you learned about tropical issues?
  • How did the experiences you've had with these two lessons help you to better understand deforestation and potential solutions to the problems?


  • Braus, Judy, Editor. Ranger Rick's NatureScope: Rain Forests - Tropical Treasures. Washington, D.C.: National Wildlife Federation, 1989