Solar panels and windmills

Supporting Clean Energy Development

The University’s Clean Energy and Sustainability Analytics Center facilitates research, analysis and outreach regarding clean energy development in the state, country and abroad.

Center programs are funded, in part, by the PSEG Foundation; state agencies, including the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities; organizations such as the Sediment Management Work Group; and ongoing National Science Foundation and U.S. Department of Agriculture grants.

The Center collaborates with faculty on numerous research projects. “For example, we’re working with School of Communication and Media Professor Anthony Pemberton on a film and education project documenting stakeholder perspectives on clean energy in India — and here in New Jersey,” says Center Director and Earth and Environmental Studies Associate Professor Pankaj Lal.

Other Center-related research projects include Lal’s own explorations of place-based bioenergy sustainability and biomass-based biofuel development.

The Center also contributes to New Jersey energy and environmental planning through faculty-student research in clean energy and sustainability analytics and the development of state-of-the-art integrated economic models.

Lal says the Center is not only the future of energy in New Jersey by hosting events for policymakers, academics and other stakeholders — such as the 2018 First Annual Clean and Sustainable Energy Summit — but also through a host of education programs designed to cultivate tomorrow’s energy leaders.