Photo of Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Education Project students in the University Hall courtyard.

Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Education Project

The MSU Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Education Project of the College of Education and Human Services offers teaching resources and educational programs dedicated to eradicating racism and prejudice in order to create a healthier, better educated, more just society.

This project brings together MSU’s outstanding faculty, renowned teacher education program and the cutting edge technology of the ADP Center to offer antiracist teacher training and professional development.

Our goal is to connect the local history, politics and culture of New Jersey to global human rights education including historical subjects like the Holocaust and contemporary instances of injustice based on race, religion, gender, sexuality and ethnicity.

The Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Education Project is a collaborative endeavor between Montclair State University and the NJ Commission on Holocaust Education.

Dr. Zoë Burkholder is the director of the Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Education Project and professor of Educational Foundations. She is an historian of education whose expertise includes antiracist education, school desegregation, and civil rights history. Dr. Burkholder is the author of An African American Dilemma: A History of School Integration and Civil Rights in the North (Oxford University Press, 2021), Integrations: The Struggle for Racial Equality and Civic Renewal in Public Education(University of Chicago Press, 2021), and Color in the Classroom: How American Schools Taught Race, 1900-1954 (Oxford University Press, 2011) as well as numerous scholarly articles and commentaries. She may be contacted at

Upcoming Programs and Events

Jewish Refugees & The Holocaust: Connecting the Past with Today

As the world struggles with the largest refugee crisis since WWII, Echoes & Reflections’ content offers educators an opportunity to explore the history of Jewish refugees during the 30s and 40s and connect the lessons of intolerance, inaction, and indifference to how we understand today’s refugee crisis.

Friday, October 28, 2022 | 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

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Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Education Resources for Educators

The MSU Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Education Project is pleased to offer educational resources including books, films and lesson plans. These materials are available in our ADP Center for Teacher Education and Learning Technology. The ADP Center is located on the ground floor of University Hall. Parking is available for a fee in the Red Hawk Deck on campus.

Please check out our full list of antiracist books and films.

Please check out our full list of MSU Human Rights Lesson Plans, developed by our human rights education interns.

Human Rights Education Internship

Build your resume and get hands-on experience teaching for social justice.

Gan professional experience in Human Rights Education. 

This competitive internship is open to all Montclair State undergraduate students. Interns accepted into the program must register for a three-credit course: EDFD 445 Human Rights Education, Monday and Thursday, 12:45-2:00 pm, Spring 2023.

Select a human rights topic, research it, then teach it at a local high school: Black Civil Rights, Dreamers & DACA, Environmental Justice, Anti-Semitism, Women’s Rights, Native American History, Refugee Crisis, AAPI History, LGBTQ+ Rights, Reproductive Rights, Food Insecurity, Religious Freedom, Freedom of the Press, Creat your own!

For a complete list of past topics, check out our Human Rights Lesson Plans.

Any questions, please contact Prof. Burkholder at

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Questions, please contact Dr. Zoë Burkholder, Director of the Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Education Project, at