Photo of Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Education Project students in the University Hall courtyard.

Upcoming Programs and Events

Spring 2020

Analyzing Propaganda and Teaching Media Literacy: The Holocaust as a Case Study

  • 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
  • Friday, March 20, 2020

New Echoes & Reflections Workshop

Media literacy skills have become essential for young people to successfully navigate and critically assess the ever-increasing amount of information they receive throughout their day — on social media, advertisements, television, and film. Therefore, it is crucial for students to comprehend and identify how media, both historically and in contemporary society, can be used as a tool to incite hate and violence against certain groups. This learning opportunity examines the events of the Holocaust through the lens of media, by examining propaganda deployed by the Nazis to discriminate against Jews and other minorities. Educators will gain the tools to facilitate classroom discussions on the role and impact of Nazi propaganda during the Holocaust and support their students to critically analyze media in today’s world.

Professional Development hours awarded to all participants.

This program is free and includes lunch.

For more information, contact Zoë Burkholder at

MSU Human Rights University for a Day

MSU human rights education interns will present hands-on, engaging, and professional lesson plans on human rights topics to students at the Center for Social Justice at Montclair High School this spring.

Interested in hosting a human rights education intern for a class visit in your school? Please contact Dr. Zoë Burkholder at for more information.