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University Procedures on Information Regarding Citizenship and Immigration/Visa Status of Students

Information regarding the citizenship and immigration/visa status of individual students shall not be generally accessible, including via computer applications that provide access to student data, such as Banner and Degree Works. Access to this information shall be restricted to University employees for whom access to such information is required to provide service or support to specific students. When such information is necessary, only the information for the specific student(s) will be accessed, as required for a specified purpose.

The University will not share with individuals or organizations outside the University community information regarding the citizenship and immigration/visa status of an individual student, without the express permission of the student.

The restrictions above are subject to the exceptions specifically listed below:

  1. Backup and restoration of student data, as well as system-administration tasks, undertaken 
by information-technology system administrators, that require validation of data.
  2. A warrant, subpoena, National Security Letter, or other such government or court order 
that the University has determined to be legally executed and compels a response.

Any employee or student of the University who encounters an instance where information is not being handled in accordance with the procedures identified above should report that matter as soon as possible to the Dean of Students, University Counsel or the Vice President for Human Resources.

Implemented February 14, 2018
Office of the President