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The Language, Business & Culture “4 + 1” Bachelors/MBA program, a logical and organic continuation of the major, elevates the intensive language and culture study (a choice of Arabic, French, German, and Italian) with fundamental business skills for exciting careers both at home and abroad. Equipped with the successful trifecta of language, business, and culture, students in the combined program will augment their valuable business and professional knowledge, skills and experiences that enhance their employability and career options post graduation.

The combined program consists of five years of study, during which students will spend the first three years taking courses as required for the Language, Business & Culture bachelor’s degree work program. These may be taken in any of the four language concentrations (Arabic, French, German, Italian). In their fourth year, students will complete (along with required undergraduate program courses) 6 credits’ worth of graduate business (MBA) coursework which will satisfy both undergraduate degree requirements and count toward achievement of the MBA degree.

Interested in Pursuing the 4+1 Bachelor’s / MBA Program? Follow these simple steps:

Step 1
Schedule an appointment with an MBA Advisor by contacting the MBA Office at 973-655-4306 /
Step 2
Complete a change of major form to designate intent to participate in the 4 + 1 Bachelor’s / MBA program Note: You should complete the change of major form after meeting with an MBA Advisor regarding the 4+1 Bachelor’s / MBA program.
Step 3
Complete foundation courses in Statistics, Accounting, and Finance (if not already completed) and earn at least a B- or better in all three foundation courses.
Step 4
Register for 6 credits of MBA Swing Courses (four 1.5 credit classes) in the Spring semester of your senior year.