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Programs of Study

Flexible curriculum

The Medical Humanities major offers a broad and flexible curriculum. Majors take core courses in Bioethics, Medical Anthropology, and Literature and Illness and fulfill further requirements through a choice of offerings in Psychology, History, Sociology, Religious Studies, Child Advocacy and Biology. Majors also pursue individual academic and career goals by choosing one of four tracks of electives:

  • Track 1: Caregiving, Aging Studies and Disability Studies
  • Track 2: Communication and Advocacy
  • Track 3: Human Biology and Psychological Well-Being
  • Track 4: Community and Public Health

Capstone Project

In their final year, all majors work one-on-one with a faculty supervisor to create a capstone project that could include placement in health care institutions or health-related organizations in New Jersey and New York City.


New for Fall 2023 – Combined Degree Programs!

Combined degrees allow students to count graduate credits toward their bachelor’s degree and their graduate degree which allows for the completion of both degrees in less time. A combined degree program allows students to complete “swing-credits” (6-12 depending on the program) while enrolled as an undergraduate, which count for both their bachelor and master’s degrees.

How to Apply

Beginning in Fall 2023, Medical Humanities majors can apply for the following Combined Medical Humanities BA/MPH Degree:

Master of Public Health with concentration in Community Health Education
The Community Health Education concentration aims to prepare public health professionals to protect and enhance the health and well-being of populations through health promotion and disease prevention initiatives.

Master of Public Health with concentration in Health Systems Administration and Policy
The Health Systems Administration and Policy concentration aims to prepare public health professionals with strategic skills for the management and administration of hospitals and healthcare systems with a focus on prevention and in service of social justice and health equity.