Image of Neatherlandish-Proverbs by Pieter Bruegel the Elder

Medieval and Early Modern Studies Seminar

Montclair State’s interdisciplinary Medieval and Early Modern Studies Seminar is co-convened by the Departments of History, Modern Languages and Literatures, Classics and General Humanities, Philosophy, Spanish and Latino Studies, and English. The seminar brings together interested faculty and graduate students from across the university and the region to consider new research in the fields of medieval and early modern studies. All are warmly welcome.

Upcoming Speakers

Laura Stevens (University of Tulsa)

Hieroglyph, Treasure Chest, Prayer Book, Poem: Learning to Read the English Bible

Thursday, December 5, 4-5:30pm

Laura M. Stevens is Chapman Associate Professor of English at the University of Tulsa, where she teaches English, American, transatlantic, and Native American literature of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. A past president of the Society of Early Americanists and former editor of Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature, she is the author of The Poor Indians: British Missionaries, Native Americans, and Colonial Sensibility (UPenn Press, 2004) and of the forthcoming book Friday’s Tribe: Eighteenth-Century English Missionary Fantasies (Upenn Press).