Image of Neatherlandish-Proverbs by Pieter Bruegel the Elder

Medieval and Early Modern Studies Seminar

Montclair State’s interdisciplinary Medieval and Early Modern Studies Seminar is co-convened by the Departments of Classics and General Humanities, English, History, Philosophy, Religion, Spanish and Latino Studies, and World Languages and Cultures. The seminar brings together interested faculty and graduate students to hear about and discuss new research in medieval and early modern studies by pioneering scholars across the convening disciplines. All are warmly welcome.

Upcoming Speakers

Séraphine Nzué-Agbadou (Montclair State University)

Enemy! Enemies!  Staging the Enemy and Demonizing the Enemies in Théodore Bèze’s Abraham Sacrifant (1550)

Wednesday, March 29, 4-5:30pm, SBUS 524

Dr. Nzué-Agbadou is an alumna of Montclair State University, where she earned a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in French Studies and translation. She then completed her PhD at Rutgers University (NB), in French philosophy and literature. She returned to Montclair State University this school year as an Adjunct in the French Department. Most of her research interests focus on XVIe century French literature, particularly the literal and/or allegorical portrayals of the “other” during the French Wars of Religion.