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The Rewards of Vax Check

Uploading your vaccine card to Vax Check is the right thing to do – plus you can win prizes

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Find out why they did Vax Check. Clockwise from top left: Assistant Director of Environmental Health and Safety Gena Coffey, Media Relations Director Andrew Mees, Professor of Biology Sandra Adams, and Lt. Carlos Ortiz of the University Police.

Vaccination against COVID-19 is the best way we have to protect ourselves, our families, our students and our co-workers. And knowing the percentage of our campus community who are vaccinated is important for all of us.

“Knowing how many members of our campus community are vaccinated will help the University make good policy decisions, and it will enable all of the members of our community to have accurate information about the campus environment,” said President Susan A. Cole. “The vaccination percentages will be prominently posted on the website for the information of the community.”

Students are required to be vaccinated, but it is not mandatory for faculty and staff members. Many employees have made the choice, and now they are speaking up to encourage their peers to get vaccinated and to let the University know by using Vax Check, the easy online system for uploading proof of vaccination.

“I decided to get vaccinated because vaccines save lives. It keeps me safe, it keeps my family safe, it keeps the people around me safe,” says Professor of Biology Sandra Adams, an expert on viruses. “I chose to upload my vaccine card to Vax Check because the University needs to know how many members of the campus community are vaccinated. This will help the University shape the policies as we go forward.”

For University Police Lt. Carlos Ortiz, the reasons were manifold: “I decided to get vaccinated for personal health reasons and for the health of my family – and my responsibility as a first responder working here at Montclair State.” He adds, “I decided to upload to Vax Check because it’s easy and it benefits the University.”

“I chose to upload my status to Vax Check because I want to do my part and help the campus get back to as normal life as soon as possible,” explains Andrew Mees, Media Relations Director. “It’s a wonderful campus and all of the members of our community should be able enjoy it as much as we possibly can.”

“The more of this information we collect, the closer we are to qualifying as fully vaccinated campus per CDC guidelines for higher ed,” says Gena Coffey, assistant director of Environmental Health and Safety. “Operating as a fully vaccinated campus allows us to forego many of the precautions we’ve had to take over the last year.”

The University is asking all employees to get vaccinated, and then upload their vaccine card on Vax Check. It is fast, easy and individual vaccination records are kept confidential.

And to thank those employees who have chosen to do so, we’re offering prizes.

Every employee who submits their proof of vaccination on Vax Check by Monday, June 21 at noon EDT will automatically be entered to win Montclair State merchandise and one of these prizes:

  • Free use of the Campus Recreation Center for Fall 2021 (10 winners)
  • A $25 Panera Bread gift card (1 winner)
  • A $25 Dunkin’ gift card (1 winner)
  • A coupon for 25% off a clothing item at the Campus Bookstore (1 winner)
  • Free parking in the Red Hawk Deck for academic year 2021-2022 (1 winner)

Winners will be announced on Thursday, June 24. So don’t wait, submit your vaccination card at VaxCheck today. Note: All winners have the option to remain anonymous; names are published with permission.

For more information on where to get vaccinated and requirements for fall 2021, visit Fall Vaccine Information.

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