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Office of Student Belonging

Our Mission

The mission of the Office of Student Belonging is to provide a variety of cohort-based experiences that promote a strong connection to the university, for students who are freshmen, transfers, international, first-generation and military-affiliated. By building interdepartmental partnerships, we will foster a strong sense of belonging for students entering the university through holistic and intentional experiences, increasing opportunities for student success and retention.

Our Vision

The vision of the Office of Student Belonging is to create an environment that recognizes and supports the unique needs of students in relation to their immediate and long-term educational and personal goals. We strive to foster meaningful relationships and connections between peers, staff, faculty, and alumni, with a focus on new students, international students, first-generation students, and military-affiliated students.

“Belonging is the innate human desire to be part of something larger than us.” – Brene Brown

Students attending an event in the Student Center Quad.

Orientation for Students

Whether you are a freshman, transfer, adult, international, first-generation, or veteran and military-affiliated student, our orientation program is designed to foster a strong sense of connection and belonging to the university.

Our office connects all incoming new students (freshmen and transfers) with their peers through an immersive and engaging Orientation Experience. You will learn about the University and get to know faculty and staff at your unique Orientation program. We are excited to help you with your transition to Montclair State University!

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The Orientation Leaders posing for a photo on the front steps of the Student Center

International Students

Our office provides experiences and support for international students. During orientation and throughout the first semester, our office will provide a variety of support services, programs, and initiatives designed to foster a strong connection to their ‘home away from home’, Montclair State University. Through these various experiences, we hope to enhance our entire campus community globally, culturally and intellectually.

Three students standing and talking outside of a building on campus.

First-Generation Initiatives

Our office provides support services and resources to our First-Generation College Students (First-Gen) and campus partners. A First-Gen is considered to be the first in their immediate family to attend and complete a bachelor’s degree. Our initiatives include: academic support, financial literacy, engagement and mentorship programs aimed at creating a supportive environment for students (and their families).

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Students and Veterans posing for a photo at a flag raising.

Veteran and Military Services

Our office provides veterans and military-affiliated individuals with the tools they need to succeed. We assist students in their transition to the university from the point of application to graduation. In addition to helping students connect with the necessary on-campus and off-campus resources, we help create spaces where you can meet and interact with other military affiliated students.

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