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Lizard Lifestyles

Many people have incorrect and unpleasant notions of lizards, so I like to show them how really lovely lizards are.


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The Panama Canal: A Bit of U.S. History Surrounded by Majestic Rainforest

Walking through the gorgeous rainforest, I had a much more vivid understanding of all of the hardships the men encountered as they tried to dig through the short distance to connect the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans as they were building the amazing Panama Canal.

Background of the Panama Canal

Fact sheet from the Panama Canal Company, 1996

Red-Naped Tamarin

by Katharine Milton, Ph.D.

Tropical Red-Tailed Squirrel

by Jacalyn Giacalone, Ph.D.

Spiny Rats

by Gregory H. Adler, Ph.D.

Spider Monkeys

by Katharine Milton, Ph.D.


Two-Toed, Choloepus Hoffmanni; Three-Toed, Bradypus Variegatus – by Jacalyn Giacalone, Ph.D.


Collared Peccary: Tayassu Tajacu by Barry R. Koffler


by Jacalyn Giacalone, Ph.D.

An Introduction to Monkeys

by Katharine Milton, Ph.D.