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Gabriel Rubin

Professor, Justice Studies

BA, Temple University
PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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Welcome to my page!

I'm the Deputy Chair of the Justice Studies department and the Head of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences' Strategic Review Committee.

I arrived at Montclair State in 2008 with a Ph.D. in Political Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

My latest book Migration and Radicalization: Global Futures (Palgrave 2021) examines the current world migration system and how it links to extremism worldwide (

I recently published Presidential Rhetoric under Bush, Obama and Trump: Inflating and Calibrating the Terror Threat after 9/11 (Palgrave 2020), which provides a sweeping and comparative approach to how the war on terrorism has been conducted in America through the three Presidents who have held the position since 9/11. Here's a link to the book: (

My first book Freedom and Order: How Democratic Governments Restrict Civil Liberties after Terrorist Attacks--and Why Sometimes They Don't (Lexington Books 2011) explains variation in government legislative responses to terrorism. Here's a link to the book: (

I've also published work on international human rights, terrorism and globalization, terrorist radicalization in prisons, and state failure.

Here is a link to my ResearchGate page (

Here is a link to my Digital Commons page (

Here are some of the courses I teach:
JUST 103: Intro to International Justice
JUST 204: Perspectives in Justice Studies I
JUST 210: International Justice II
JUST 240: Statistics for Social Research
JUST 300: Research in Justice Studies
JUST 310: Theories of Justice
JUST 324: Terrorism and Social Justice
JUST 360: Rights, Liberties and American Justice
JUST 406: International Civil Conflicts
JUST 408: Justice in World Migration


Head of College Reform Committee, 2020-
Deputy Chair, Justice Studies Department, Fall 2017 and 2018-present
Faculty Coordinator for International Justice concentration
Head of Department Personnel Advisory Committee, 2017-2019
University Senator, 2012-2018
Former Engaged Teaching Fellow (2x)

Specialties: Migration, Human Rights, Global Justice, Terrorism, Political Theory, and Civil War.


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10:00 am - 2:00 pm
3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
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12:00 pm - 4:45 pm