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Red Hawk Dollars

What are Red Hawk Dollars?

The Red Hawk Dollars program is a convenient pre-paid debit account designed for the Montclair State University Community. With your University ID Card, you can enjoy campus-wide
purchasing power for books, supplies, clothing, food, and snacks. Red Hawk Dollars are also accepted at select off campus merchants. Registered students’ funds carry over semester to
semester, year to year, up until withdrawal or graduation.

  • Accessed through the University ID Card
  • Accepted at the University Bookstore, University Dining Services, Campus Vending Machines, select Off-Campus Merchants, and more

$1.00 US dollar equals 1 Red Hawk Dollar.

You can deposit funds into your account via cash, check, credit card or student account credit transfer (account credit transfers are credit from loans or financial aid) and begin using your University ID card to purchase goods. You can use your Red Hawk Dollars at University Dining Service facilities, vending machines throughout campus, the University Bookstore, select off-campus merchants, Parking Services and more. To check your balances, freeze lost/stolen ID Cards or deposit Red Hawk Dollars, use your University NET ID and password to log onto the eAccounts website (eAccounts app also available for iPhone and Android!). Check out the eAccounts section of the FAQ page to get more info!

Account Credit Transfer Forms

Click Account Credit Transfer to access the online form.

*All Account Credit Transfer requests must be submitted through the online form only.

If you receive a “permissions error” when attempting to access the online Account Credit Transfer form – it is because the browser you are currently using is logged into another Google account that is different from your University account. Please sign out of that account and into your account to complete your request.

$1,500 maximum transfer per form.

Subsequent Account Credit Transfer forms are only processed when Red Hawk Dollars account balances are below $100.00.

The current processing time is 24 hours (business days only).

Please check your student billing statement on NEST to ensure credit is still available to transfer before submitting your form. To confirm credit is still available and a refund has not been processed, check your billing statement on your NEST account. To check to see if your Account Credit Transfer has been processed and the funds have been added to your Red Hawk Dollar account, sign into eAccounts using your Net ID and password.

How to Check Your Account Balance in NEST