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Red Hawk Dollars provide "swipe and go" convenience while making purchases on campus without cash!

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Red Hawk Dollars @ MSU



Red Hawk Dollars is an account tied to your Montclair State University ID card that acts like a debit account. Deposit funds into your account via cash, check, credit card, or student account credit transfer (credit from loans or financial aid) and begin using your University ID card to purchase goods at University Dining Service facilities, vending machines throughout campus, the University Bookstore, select off campus merchants, and more.

Funds in a Red Hawk Dollars account carry over semester to semester, year to year as long as you are registered for classes.  Funds are not returned back to your student billing account unless graduating or withdrawing from the University.

Accounts are closed upon graduation or withdrawal from the University, or termination of employment. 

Cash is not given from closing your Red Hawk Dollars account.  Credit from a closed Red Hawk Dollars account is applied to your University billing statement in NEST and will be applied to outstanding balances due to the Univesity and can potentially nullify the Red Hawk Dollars refund.  Red Hawk Dollars account closures creating a credit instance on your billing statement on NEST will be processed into a refund by Student Accounts.  A direct deposit will be made to the account on file with the University or a check mailed to your address on file.  Please allow two weeks for processing.


  Account Credit Transfer Forms: 

Click Account Credit Transfer to get the form!

$1,500 maximum transfer per form.

Subsequent Account Credit Transfer forms are only processed when Red Hawk Dollars account balances are below $100.00.


Email completed form to OR fax forms to 973-655-3427.

Current processing time is 24 hours (buisness days only).

*Please check your student billing statement on NEST to ensure credit is still available to transfer before submitting your form. To confirm credit is still available and a refund has not been processed, check your billing statement on your NEST account.

How to Check Your Account Balance in NEST 


How to transfer credit from financial aid and loans to Red Hawk Dollars to buy books, parking permits, etc.?

     1.  Check NEST that your Title IV Authorization is "Authorized".

     2.  Check your billing and financial aid statements in NEST to ensure credit is available to be transferred.

                 How to Check Your Account Balance in NEST

     3.  Complete and submit an Account Credit Transfer form (located in the Forms section of this website).


  ***Important note:  Prior to sending in your form, please confirm your Title IV status is "authorized" on your NEST account. 

Account credit can only be transferred to Red Hawk Dollars if the Title IV status is "authorized".  If the Title IV status is "rescinded", it must be updated to "authorized" by completing a Title IV Authorization form at the Student Accounts Office - Red Hawk Central - next to Panzer Gymnasium. Please allow up to 3 business days for processing updates to Title IV status.

Once your Title IV authorization status has been updated to "authorized", you may then submit the Account Credit Transfer form to the Auxiliary Servcies Office (Student Center - lower level), fax to 973-655-3427, or email

Title IV Autorization allows Student Accounts to apply your federal financial aid to your non-institutional charges.  Federal student financial aid can only cover "institutional charges" as defined by the U.S. Department of Education.  This definition includes current year charges for tuition and fees, and on-campus room and board.  It also includes other fees such as: lab fees, workshops, University registration fees, facilities usage fees, and other University fees associated directly with taking a class.  Unless authorization is received, federal financial aid cannot be used to cover non-institutional charges such as: Red Hawk Dollars, health insurance, library fines, damage fees, returned check fees, deferred fees for payment plans or any charges not directly tied to taking a class.





Replace lost, stolen, or damaged ID cards at the ID Card Office (Student Center - lower level room 162). Freezing your ID card as soon as it is lost or stolen will prevent unauthorized spending on your accounts. Log into the Online Card Office and click on Lost/Stolen Card under the Personalize section to be prompted to deactivate your ID card. All Montclair State University ID Card holders are responsible for unauthorized spending on accounts due to lost/stolen ID cards not frozen. ID cards can only be unfrozen in person at the ID Card Office.