Aerial of Student Center with people in the Quad

Reservable Spaces and Specs

Below is a table of reservable spaces, the dimensions of the space and how many people each will fit theater style vs. conference style.

Please Note: Reservations depend on the nature of the program.

Room Dimensions Sq. Ft. Theater Style Conference Style
Ballrooms A, B, C 48’x120′ 5,760 400 NR
Ballroom A 48’x63′ 3,024 200 40
Ballroom B 48’x31 1,488 100 30
Ballroom C 48’x23′ 1,104 75 30
Meeting Rooms 411, 412, 413 35’x58′ 2,000 120 60
Meeting Room 415 11’6″x19′ 230 12
Meeting Room 416 11’6″x19′ 230 12
Meeting Room 417 15’6″x45’6″ 710 50 30
Meeting Room 419 24’x48’6″ 1,172 75 30
Student Center Dining Room* 48’x31′ 1,488 140
Student Center Patio**
Student Center Quad

NR = Not Recommended

*Student Center Dining Room Furniture Policy (Effective January 1, 2024)

The Student Center Dining Room is an as-is space, therefore, the tables and chairs are not to be moved by any group (including University departments and student organizations) at any time. The Dining Room is an ideal space for sit-down dining events, awards ceremonies, or conversation-based social events. For other types of events, please consider a different space. Dancing, dance parties, or show/dance rehearsals/practice are not permitted in the Dining Room.

Groups who rearrange the furniture (including moving and returning to its original location) will be charged a fee. At no time should tables and chairs be moved, even temporarily.

1st offense: $100 (Note that any additional reservations will be canceled until the fee is paid in full).

2nd offense: $250 and cancellation of future reservations in the Dining Room for the rest of the semester.

Dining equipment (i.e., salad bar, soda machine, etc.) is not to be used by any group for events. A fee may be assessed for cleaning, damage, or replacement as appropriate.

**Email to request use of this space.