Alcohol Policy

In this state, the sale of alcoholic beverages is expressly prohibited unless under the authority of a license or permit. The use of alcoholic beverages on this campus will be limited to the Student Center and University premises eligible under the Alcoholic Beverage Commission Special Permits. All participants must be at least 21 years of age. Proof of age must be shown.

At those activities where a permit to serve alcohol has been granted, Dining Services is responsible for the above regulations. Alcohol is restricted to the licensed area only. In general however, the Program Coordinator is responsible for monitoring of this policy throughout the building and will work with the Dining Service Manager where appropriate.

On occasion, when someone brings liquor into an area where alcohol is not permitted, the Program Coordinator will inform the individual of the University's alcohol policy and present the alternatives. That person has the option of leaving the facility with the alcohol or surrendering it to a staff member for disposal. However, if the person appears incoherent or inebriated, assistance from University Police and/or supervisor, will be sought.