Coat Check Policy

The Student Center Dining Room can be used as a coat check room during an event. The contract should indicate that the SCDR is scheduled for coat check. No furniture is to be moved inside the SCDR except for the check-in/check-out table. Only the coat racks provided by the SC should be used for hanging coats. No food or beverages should be brought into the Student Center Dining Room.

The front entrance of the SCDR should be utilized for in-checking coats. The side exit door in the west hallway and the two side exit doors towards ballroom C should remain unobstructed throughout the party. At all times, these doors should stay accessible in case of an emergency. No entry will be permitted into the Ballrooms from the SCDR and vice versa.

The east side exit doors which connects ballroom C to the SCDR should be utilized for out-checking coats. The out-checking of coats should begin 15 minutes before the concluding time of the party. At that time, the side exit door in the west hallway, the main SCDR entrance and the west side exit doors connecting ballroom C and the SCDR should remain unobstructed.

The Student Center is absolved of any liability resulting due to loss/damage/theft of all personal property stored and managed by the event organizers during the Coat Check procedure.