Decorating Policy

Decorating the Student Center facilities can take place under the following conditions:
  • 1. Proper approvals are to be obtained from the Scheduling Office, (973) 655-4411, in the Student Center.
  • 2. In accordance with contract regulations, organizations will leave room in original, good condition and will clean up all decorations at conclusion of event.
  • 3. The Organization will comply with all safety and fire regulations in effect at the time of the program.

Guidelines to Follow:

  • 1. No candle burning

  • 2. No decorations are to be hung or draped from lights and electrical fixtures.
  • 3. Exit signs must not be obstructed in any fashion.
  • 4. Spot lights, smoke machines, or strobes may not be used without special permission from the Director of the Student Center.
  • 5. Nails, tacks, tape or glue may not be used on any surface of the Student Center.
  • 6. Where use of twine or rope is approved, all decorations on wall, floor, and ceiling must be secure so as not to create a hazardous or dangerous situation.
  • 7. Chairs and furniture must not be used for decorating purposes.
  • 8. All decorations (i.e., balloons etc.) must be removed from room at conclusion of the event.
  • 9. All decorating will be monitored, inspected and subjected to approval for safety purposes by Student Center staff.

If you have any questions or special requests, please contact the Office of the Student Center ten days prior to the event. Any infraction of the above may result in further administrative action or additional fees charged to the organization.