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Senate Bylaws

Section 1:  Statements by Candidates

  1. All candidates are encouraged to submit a brief statement (no more than 250 words) of background and interest with their nomination email.
  2. For those candidates who do not self-nominate, the deadline for the submission of the statements will be included in the nomination confirmation email from the Elections Committee.
  3. A list of the candidates’ names and statements will be emailed to the university community and posted on the University Senate website prior to the start of the election.

Approved 1/31/18

Section 2: Adjunct Senator Voting Seat

To be eligible for the nomination for election to the voting Adjunct Senator seat, an individual must meet the following criteria at the time of the election:

  1. Employed by the University by holding adjunct status with instructional duties
  2. Be a member of the adjunct bargaining unit
  3. Have taught at least one course per academic year for two consecutive years

Eligibility to vote in the election for the Adjunct Senator seat follows the same criteria as eligibility for nomination.

If there is a break of continuity of service for two or more consecutive semesters, the seat will be declared open. The replacement process will follow the process described in Section E of the Constitution.

Approved 12/19/18

Membership Implementation Plan (Approved 12/2018): Approved Plan