Aerial shot of Montclair State University's campus.

Senate Committees and Representatives

Committees of the University Senate

Committee on Socially Responsible Business Policies and Practices

  • Pankaj Lal (Chair)
  • Erik Jacobson
  • Anthony Pemberton
  • Vanessa Alleyne
  • Devon Johnson
  • Jessica Miller

Constitution Committee

  • Doug Murray (Chair)
  • Lauren Dinour

Elections Committee

  • Laura Field (Chair)
  • Nicole Panorkou

Senate Representatives on University Committees

Member University Committee
Roger Salomon University Safety Committee
Christopher Cottle President’s Commission on AAEEOD
Lisa Raven (Alternate) President’s Commission on AAEEOD
Jim Dyer University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
Soyoung Lee University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
Jack Gaynor University Advisory Committee (UAC) for the Digital Repository
Jeffery Strickland University Advisory Committee (UAC) for the Digital Repository
Doug Murray Administrative IT Coordinator
Saundra Collins Tobacco-Free Campus Task Force
Lauren Dinour Honorary Degree Committee
Saundra Collins University College Advisory Team
Jeff Strickland Committee on University Effectiveness
Devon Johnson Committee on Socially Responsible Investment Policy