Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees is the governing body of Montclair State University, currently consisting of thirteen voting members and two non-voting members as follows: twelve citizens of the State of New Jersey, appointed for six-year terms by the Governor with the consent of the Senate (all voting members); two students elected by the student body (one voting and one non-voting); and the President of the University (non-voting).

Pursuant to New Jersey Statutes Annotated 18A:64-6, the Board of Trustees has general supervision over the University. The Board has the power and duty, for example, to determine the educational curriculum and program of the University; determine the policies for the organization, administration and development of the University; establish tuition and fees; disburse all monies appropriated to the University and all monies received from tuition, fees, auxiliary services and other sources; manage the University's property; appoint and fix compensation of the President and other professional members of the academic, administrative and teaching staffs; and confer degrees.

In accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act, all meetings of the full Board of Trustees are open to the public and all formal action is taken in view of the public. Agendas are posted one week before each regular meeting on a bulletin board outside the President’s Office in College Hall and on the Board of Trustees website on the Agenda page. All full meetings of the Board of Trustees are videotaped as well as audio recorded.

The current officers of the Board are: Chair - Mr. George Hiltzik, Vice Chair - Dr. Francis Cuss, and Secretary - Mr. Thomas Maguire.  Board members are appointed annually by the Chair to one or more of the following standing and ad hoc committees. The committees meet as needed and report their recommendations and discussions to the full Board in Public Session:

  • Academic Affairs and Facilities Committee
  • Audit, Finance and Investment Committee
  • Executive Committee
  • Personnel, Compensation, Nominations, and Governance Committee

Correspondence to the Board of Trustees may be sent to:

Board of Trustees
Office of the President
Montclair State University
Montclair, NJ 07043

Questions about the Board may be directed to Keith Barrack, Chief of Staff to the President, by e-mail, by writing to the address above, or by calling 973-655-4213.