Photo of ariel view of campus buildings.

Upcoming Agenda


DATE:      January 30, 2020

TIME:       3:30 p.m.

PLACE:    Feliciano School of Business, Room 140


  1. Statement regarding manner of public notice of meeting
  2. Roll call
  3. Minutes from December 13, 2019


Matters Presented by the Chair

  1. Action: Honorary Degree
  2. Action: Real Estate Lease


Matters Presented by the President


Personnel, Compensation, Nominations and Governance Committee

  1. Action: Personnel actions
    1. Faculty appointments
    2. Professional/managerial staff appointments
    3. Professional staff annual reappointments
    4. Second year faculty reappointments
    5. Leave of absence without pay
    6. Sabbaticals


Academic Affairs and Facilities Committee

  1. Action: B.A. in Hospitality, Sports, Events and Tourism
  2. Action: NJDOE Grant


Audit, Finance and Investment Committee

  1. Action: Contract Award Authorizations



Student Representative Nikita Williams


Closed Session

  1. Motion to enter closed session prior to the next public session


New Business