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POLICY 1.1.97C


Summary of Board’s Responsibilities

[Note: This policy replaces the 1985 “Statement on the Ethical Responsibilities of Members of the Board of Trustees.”]


To summarize the responsibilities expected of members of the Montclair State University Board of Trustees.


NJSA 18A:64-6


The Board of Trustees is expected to carry out its legal and fiduciary responsibilities to the state, the people, and the institution. These include the following:

A. Contribute to the review and approval of the University’s mission and adopt a mission statement.

B. Participate actively in the affairs of the Board and its committees through regular attendance at meetings and thoughtful interaction on all issues, having read the materials in advance and raised any serious questions with the President prior to the meeting.

C. Serve the best interests of the University as a whole, fairly and in an impartial manner. Abstain from voting on issues that might lead to a conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest.

D. Maintain the confidential nature of all executive sessions.

E. Act as a spokesperson for the Board only when authorized to do so.

F. Participate in the development, review and approval of the University’s long-range plans, policies, and educational programs, while not seeking administrative involvement in its operation or management.

G. Demonstrate sensitivity to the University’s constituencies (faculty, students and administrators); discuss with the President the pros and cons of their views and suggestions.

H. Interpret the campus to the community and support both the University and its policies.

I. Interpret the needs of society to the campus by bringing in new developments and perspectives from the world outside the University.

J. Ensure that the institution has policies for the personal and professional well-being of faculty, students and staff, and that the policies are followed.

K. Support the academic freedom of faculty and students – including full freedom in research, publication, teaching and learning – without institutional censorship or discipline.

L. Ensure that a strong financial management plan is in effect.

M. Oversee and monitor the University’s programs and services in order to promote the best interests of the institution and the public good.

N. Preserve the autonomy of the University; protect its integrity and independence from all inappropriate intrusions and pressures by agencies or persons external to it.

O. Take the lead in fundraising efforts, whether from the state or private sources.

P. Appoint, support and assess the performance of the President.

Q. Assess the Board’s own performance and each trustee’s satisfaction with its functioning.

The Montclair State University Board of Trustees reaffirms its commitment to serving the campus community and the state in this oversight capacity.


Members of the Board of Trustees


February 14, 1997

Approved by: Board of Trustees
Date approved: February 13, 1997