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Faculty Representative

The Faculty Representative is a non-voting position created by the Board of Trustees. The Faculty Representative is invited to participate with the Trustees in deliberations at the public meetings of the Board to provide a broad educational perspective to the business before the Board. In addition, because the work of the Academic Program Planning Committee of the Board is most related to the work of the faculty, the Faculty Representative is invited to sit in meetings of the Committee and to participate fully in its discussions.

The Faculty Representative does not represent any particular organization, department, or college of the University, but presents his/her individual views as a professional and an educator. In making an appointment of Faculty Representative, the Board seeks an individual who has demonstrated great commitment to the advancement of the University, professional distinction in his/her field of study, and a broad and balanced view of educational issues important to the University.

The Faculty Representative is elected by the tenured and tenure-track faculty of the University for the Board’s consideration for appointment. Once appointed by the Board, the Faculty Representative serves a two-year term from June 1 through May 31. In order to provide more opportunities for members of the faculty to fulfill the role of Faculty Representative, the individual is eligible for another term only after a four-year hiatus.

The University Senate constitution provides for the Faculty Representative to serve as a non-voting member and give regular reports to the Senate.

The current Faculty Representative is Mary English of the Classics and General Humanities department.  All faculty members are encouraged to bring their ideas to the Faculty Representative. She may be contacted by e-mail at