Student Advisement

Graduate students in the Department have their program of study developed with the Program Coordinator after the Graduate School Office and program specific committees have reviewed their application. The program will reflect the particular specialization selected by the student as approved by the Program Coordinator. Students should expect to meet with their coordinator regularly and look to the development of relationships with other students and faculty as an ongoing commitment to reflective practice and dialogical inquiry.

Expectations for Students

The department's academic graduate programs are committed to preparing professionals who:

Will be models of teaching excellence, leaders among their colleagues and spokespersons for education in their specialty field, who seek to promote the best interest of the student.

Apply critical thinking approaches and skills to their respective disciplines and exhibit both theoretical and practical application of these approaches and skills in their discipline.

Develop an understanding of the philosophical, historical, social and psychological origins of the concept of teaching for critical, creative, and caring thinking and the implications for current school practice.

Strengthen curricular planning and pedagogical strategies through a commitment to dialogical inquiry-based pedagogy.

Develop an understanding of research and evaluation especially as they relate to the improvement of teaching including the capacity to conduct significant, original, theoretically based research.

Display an understanding of the political and social environment and the professional and personal roles each citizen must play in order to ensure that society remains a free and open democracy.

Advisers, Coordinators and Directors:

Dr. Kathryn G. Herr
Coordinator and Advisor, EdD Program in Pedagogy and Philosophy
(973) 655-5170