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Graduate Certificate in Inquiry-Based Teaching and Learning

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Montclair State University’s Graduate Certificate in Inquiry-Based Teaching and Learning is the first program in New Jersey specifically designed to prepare educators to make inquiry and argumentation a focus of teaching and learning across the curriculum. Participants in this program will develop a deep understanding of the principles of argumentation, the use of classroom dialogue to foster student inquiry and collaborative thinking, and the ethical, social and political dimensions of knowledge construction in democratic societies. Faculty who teach in the program have decades of experience in teaching and research in formal and informal logic, argumentation theory, Socratic dialogue, community of inquiry, story circle, dialogic teaching, philosophy of childhood, democratic theory, social justice pedagogy, methods of research, and related fields. In addition, they are all affiliates of the Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children at Montclair State, the world’s oldest organization devoted to young people’s philosophical practice.