Chairs and Faculty

Dates Chairperson Major Events New Faculty
1958-1969 Dr. Ricahrd Tews 1957 Physical Education becomes a major
1958 Panzer School of Physical Education
Dr. Al Coder
Prof. Virginia Crossman
  Dr. E. deAlton Partridge 1958 Panzer Gymnasium built
1958 Dept. of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Dance and Athletics
Prof. Frank Harris
Dr. Domenica Desiderioscioli
  President MSC
1964 Graduate program with specialization
1966 Sprague Field Renovated
Prof. Bill Dioguardi
Dr. Leonard Lucenko
Dr. Joan Schleede
  Dr. Margaret C. Brown
Pres. of Panzer College
1967 Swimming pool and annex to main gymnasium opened
1969 Health Profession became a Dept.
Prof. Tim Sullivan
Dr. Terry Orlick
Dr. David Watkins
  1932-1958, Pres. NJAHPERD
  Prof. Ollie Gelston
Prof. Hank Schmidt (AD)
Dr. Ruth Blache
Dr. Catherine Paskert
  Dr. Hazel M. Wacker
Chair, Dept. 1973-1979
  Dr. Reza Shahrokh
Prof. Marilyn Chamberlin
Prof. Bob Bornstein
Dr. Bill Saverin
Dr. Harry Hoitsma
Prof. Joyce Jenkinss
  Dr. Jack Redd
  Dr. George Horn
1970-1973 Dr. Georde Pierson 1971 Dance formed its own School of Fine and Performing Arts
1972 BA in Recreation Profession
Dr. Joan Ficke
Dr. Joseph Toth
Dr. Leon Smith
  Dr. Thomas Richarson (Pres. MSC 1966-1973   Prof. Barry Hennis
Dr. Ann McConnel
Dr. Ree Arnold
Prof.Gail Reiken
Prof. Bill Reidinger
  Dr. Tex Elam (Dean, School Profession Arts and Science)   Prof. Malcolm Itkin
Dr. Michael Davidson
Prof. Harold Nolan
Dr. Linda Roberts
Dr. Jack Redd
  Dr. Alan C. Coder
  Prof. Donna Olson
Prof. Bob Jones
1973-1979 Dr. Hazel Wacker 1976-1977 Recreation Professions
1977-1978 PE Curriculum Revised
Dr. Robert Gilbert
Dr. Mark Kaelin
  Dr. David Dickson
Pres. MSC 1973-1984
1979-1983 Dr. Joan Schleede 1981 Adult Fitness Concentration approved Dr. Susan Weston
Dr. Jack Samuels
  Dr.Nick Michelli
Dean, School Ed and Professional Studies
1982 Recreation Profession rejoined Dept. PE Dr. Carla Tabourne
Dr. Jerry Dickason
1983-1985 Dr. Jerry Dickason Panzer Trust Ddonated and erected at MSC Dr. Susan Schwager
Dr. Daniel Alejandro
  Dr. Donald Walter
Pres. MSC 1984-1988
National Assocation for Writing as Therapy established an endowment scholarship with the MSC Foundation Dr. Mary Jo Belenski
1985-1988 Dr. Joan Schleede 1988 Recreation Program became accredited by NRPA, AALR & COPA Dr. Nancy Giardina
Dr. Richard Tobin
1988-1989 Prof. Tim Sullivan 1992 Adult Fitness Concentration by Association of Fitness in Business Dr. William Sullivan
Prof. Connie Peterson
Dr. Susana Juniu
  Dr. Irvin Reid
Pres. MSC then MSU 1989-1997
1994 Health Professions merged to form HPPERLS in College of Education Dr. Eva Goldfarb
Dr. Michele Fisher
Dr. Joseph Donnelly
    1994 Dept. Computer Lab opened Graduate Symposium established Speidel Human Performance Lab opened
Fitness Center opened
    1998 Firs major Federal Grant-Dr. Joseph Donnelly  
1998-1999 Dr.Susan Schwager    
  Dr. Susan Cole
Pres.MSU 1998-
1999-2000 Prof. Tim Sullivan Dr. Desiderioscioli Pres. NJAHPERD
Kaelin-major Federal Grant
2000-2001 Dr. Desiderioscioli First phase approval for new Athletic Trainign major Dr. Leonard Weirsma
Dr. Lisa Ohleban
Dr. David Middlemas
2001-2003 Prof. Tim Sullivan Athletic Training Program approved
Hospitality Program approved
Plans for new building approved
Dr. Klara Gubacs
Dr. Carol Masterson
  Dr. Ada Beth Cutler
Dean, College of Education and Human Services
Samuels, Goldfarb, Fisher, Kaelin & Juniu promoted Dr. Marsha Grant
Dr. Sandra Naipaul
Dr. Li-Chen Lin
2003-2006 Dr.Joseph Donnelly Tim Sullivan NJAHPERD Pres. 2003
Klara Gubacs NJAHPERD Pres. 2006
Dept. reorganized-to Exercise Science and Physical Education
Dept. complied with NCATE Certification
Dr. Robert Horn
Dr. Kim Bush
 2006-2011 Dr.Susana Juniu    
 2011-Present Dr.Robert Horn