MS in Nutrition and Food Science

The graduate program in Nutrition and Food Science provides students with in-depth study of nutrition science, nutrition education, food and nutrition issues, food regulations and compliance and nutrition counseling. It prepares professionals for careers in nutrition and wellness, allied health services, education and research, food and nutrition administration, government agencies, hospitals, food industries, food production, food safety and regulations, and food and nutrition management.


  • 32 credits with enrollment beginning in the fall or spring semesters, including:
    • 4 core Nutrition and Food Science courses
    • 1 Research Methods course
    • 3-course Emphasis
      • Nutrition education
      • Nutrition and Food Science Management
    • Elective
    • Practicum
    • Culminating experience
      • Thesis
      • Non-Thesis Research Seminar and Comprehensive Examination

Please refer to the course requirements and programming & scheduling information pages (Nest) for more details.

Graduate Program Coordinator: Dr. Shahla Wunderlich
Office: University Hall, Room 4018
Phone: (973) 655-4373

Department Administrator: Maddy Antosiewicz, MS
Office: University Hall, Room 4155
Phone: (973) 655-6681

Please note:  This program DOES NOT prepare students to become Registered Dietitians.  Students who are interested in becoming dietitians must complete either the Second Bachelor’s in Nutrition and Food Science with a concentration in Dietetics or the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) Certificate.  Students can complete the M.S. in Nutrition and Food Science and the AND Certificate simultaneously.  Read more information about completing these programs at the same time.

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 Health and Nutrition Sciences Grad students in lab

Nutrition & Food Science Graduate Programs Brochure
The graduate programs in Nutrition and Food Science at Montclair State University prepare students for a variety of careers in nutrition, food science and food management.  Our programs are unique in that they offer a hybrid approach with strong emphasis on both nutrition and food science, and provide students with learning opportunities in applied nutrition, food management and food science.

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