Photo of pot on stove in cooking lab.

Nutrition and Food Science with a concentration in Food Systems

Issues of sustainability and the environment, adequate food supply for the future, growing rates of hunger, malnutrition, and food insecurity, all set against the backdrop of increasingly knowledgeable and demanding consumers in both international and local markets are among the many challenges that are confronting the globalizing food system in the 21st century. This program is designed to provide tomorrow’s leaders with the skills and knowledge they will need to manage these challenges and to foster the creation of a sustainable food system locally and globally. Students will gain a holistic knowledge base, enriched with practical training and experiences, to prepare them for careers in the food systems field, including: food service and management; supply chain management and alternative distribution, such as farm-to-school/institution networks; food policy; food education and outreach; food production and processing; retail and wholesale; international development; community and non-profit organizations.

Program Requirements

Bournemouth University: Food Systems (within NFS major) – Spring Semester Exchange