What is anthropology and why major in it?

‌Anthropology is a holistic and broad approach to the study of humankind. It deals with our origins, biological characteristics, languages, ancient past, and the beliefs and customs of contemporary cultures. Today, anthropologists work in research centers, hospitals, corporations, government offices, community organizations as well as academic settings.  You can learn more about careers in anthropology here. 

Montclair State’s anthropology program provides undergraduate students with skills to meet the challenges of an increasingly globalized, multicultural world.  It's based on a traditional four-fields model, where students take classes in archaeology, linguistics, physical, and cultural anthropology.  We currently offer a range of degree options for students interested in Anthropology, including teaching credentials.  Look over our program descriptions to find out more about what major or minor options best suits your needs…  And, here's a short video made by one of our recent graduates about why you should major in Anthropology!  We also have a promotional flyer‌ that you can download and share the next someone asks, "What are you going to do with that degree?!"

What can I do with an anthropology major?

•    ‌Career possibilities:  endless....  
•    Skills gained:  According to Forbes, “That 'Useless' Liberal Arts Degree Has Become Tech's Hottest Ticket” ...critical thinking, generating creative ideas and actions in a data-rich world, and being able to relate to people are skills essential to many industries and settings. 
•    For parents and donors:  employment of anthropologists and archaeologists is expected to grow 21% from 2010 to 2020 (US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2015); read more about the statistical profile of anthropologists and archaeologists here
•    Here are some examples of the unique and interesting work that our graduates are doing...
•    More on anthropology careers

Student opportunities at MSU: What does anthropology uniquely have to offer me? 

•    Bigel grant: awards up to $2500 each to fund anthropology students' original projects, field experiences, and internships.  These recipient profiles might give you ideas about what you can study!
•    ***NEW***  Fredric J. Bednarek Anthropology Scholarship to support either a junior or senior anthropology major with a 3.0 GPA.  Read more about this exciting new scholarship just for anthropology majors.
•    Field work and internships:  anthropology students can gain experience in a range of settings; this list is just a few of the possibilities open to you....  
•    Small classes and individualized attention from your professors
•    Lambda Alpha Honor Society:  the honor society offers scholarships, publishing opportunities, as well as a valued line on your resume
•    Opportunity to gain your Teaching Credential while studying what you love!
•   Here are some tips to help you do well in our classes... :)
•   And, of course, Anthropology Club.... because Anthropology Club!  (FYI the Anthro Club also has a FB site)

What can I learn about as an anthropology major?  You can study the world! Typically students concentrate on one of the four main sub-fields: archaeology, linguistics, physical anthropology, and sociocultural anthropology. 

Our people and research:

Students may decide to major in anthropology because they're particularly drawn to individual faculty members or their research.  Learn more about who we are and what work we do, besides teach...  
•    Faculty profiles
•    Faculty research
•    Here is a link to the MSU Anthropology Facebook page...   see many more pictures of our people and events!

Below is a short video made by recent graduate, Binh Nguyen, about what is anthropology and why it's a great major for students: