Anthropology is a holistic and broad approach to the study of humankind. It deals with our origins, biological characteristics, languages, ancient past, and the beliefs and customs of contemporary cultures. Today, anthropologists work in research centers, hospitals, corporations, government offices, community organizations as well as academic settings.

Montclair State’s anthropology program prepares students for careers in research and in teaching. At both the undergraduate and graduate level, we provide students with skills to meet the challenges of an increasingly globalized, multicultural world. Look over our program descriptions to find out more!

We currently offer the following degree options:

**New** Research / Field Opportunities

The Anthropology Department is offering new research & field school opportunities for undergraduate students.  These provide real-life anthropological and archeological experiences.  View our Field Opportunities web page to learn more and access application information.

***NEW:  Research Assistants needed!!!!  Application deadline:  Aug 1st.  Here are the HL RA Job Descriptions.