Image of a student walking on campus in the fall.

Combined BA Anthropology/MS Sustainability Sciences

The “4 + 1” BA Anthropology/MS Sustainability Sciences program is designed for students who are prepared to begin graduate level coursework while still Anthropology seniors and to begin exploring topics for either a masters’ thesis or an applied internship project.

Program Benefits

  • High-achieving undergraduate Anthropology students are able to complete a Bachelors and MS degree in five years
  • Students gain environmental, sustainability, management and professional knowledge, skills, and experiences that enhance their employability and career options
  • Students can take advantage of a more cost-effective option for getting an MS degree by taking some “swing” graduate courses that satisfy both their undergraduate and graduate degrees at the undergraduate tuition rate

Program Details

The “4 + 1” Bachelors/Masters program will consist of five years of study, during which students will spend the first three years taking courses as required for their chosen bachelor’s in the BA Anthropology degree work program.

Students must apply for acceptance into the MS in Sustainability program through The Graduate School in their junior year (summer before the senior year) and will be admitted into the MS program in their senior year if they meet program requirements.

In their fourth year, students will complete (along with required undergraduate program courses) 12 credits worth of graduate sustainability (MS) ‘swing’ coursework, that simultaneously satisfy undergraduate degree major elective requirements while also moving forward in the MS Sustainability Science degree. In the fifth year, students will take the remaining 20 graduate credits required for the MS Sustainability Science degree. Students who do not meet 4 + 1 program requirements or who choose not to pursue the MS by completing the remaining courses in year five will graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology. Students who complete the 5-year program will earn both a Bachelor’s degree (BA) in Anthropology, and a MS degree in Sustainability Science.