Food and Disability Research

Welcome to the homepage for the Food Deserts & People with Disabilities research project.

This is the first phase in a larger community-based project to learn about what problems people with disabilities in the U.S. experience in accessing sufficient amounts of healthy, affordable, and culturally appropriate food. 

Tell us your stories!  We want to know what access and food security mean to you. 

Researchers have been studying food deserts in poor areas but have yet to include people with disabilities in their measurement efforts, in any large-scale, systematic or focused way.  This work is needed because people with disabilities are over-represented in poor communities where food insecurity is prevalent.  Also, people with disabilities experience additional access barriers to getting nutritious food and are at greater risk for negative health consequences.  You can help us include the perspectives of people with disabilities in “food security” research.

To find out more about this project, to share your stories, or to complete our survey, please Food Deserts & People with Disabilities survey.