July 2012- Genzano di Roma, Italy


This field project, now in its second season, will continue to explore the remains of a Roman imperial villa located close to Rome, at the 18th mile of the ancient Via Appia in the Alban Hills region. Based on literary references and the discovery in the 18th century of marble busts of imperial figures (now in the Capitoline Museums), the villa is believed to have been the property of the second century CE imperial family of the Antonines. Our current work at the site is focused on an intriguing curved structure near the baths that is filled with mosaic tesserae and fragments of luxurious, imported marbles.

The program accepts students with or without experience in field archaeology. During the 4-week excavation, students will receive hands on experience in on-site recordkeeping, laboratory practice, and data management of archaeological evidence, especially ceramics. There will be weekend field trips to Rome, the Alban Hills area, and other ancient sites to be determined.

  Program Arrangements & Cost

$3000 - $3500 (contingent upon final budget). This includes shared room in a hotel and 3 meals per day (excluding weekend meals) and most weekend field trip costs. Does not include airfare and tuition.

For enrollment details, please see the Montclair State University Global Education web page for this program.

General Contact Information

Deborah Chatr Aryamontri, PhD
Project Director
tel. 973-655-3479


Timothy Renner, PhD
Project Co-Director
tel. 973-655-7420

  Enrollment Information

Participants will register for 6 semester hours credit (undergraduate or graduate).

MSU Global Education Center
tel. 973-655-4185