campus with a different view.



Although CHAS was re-founded in 2007 with the somewhat broader mission described in these pages, its history and a good part of its inspiration lie in Montclair State’s previous Center for Archaeological Studies, which from 1995-2005 sponsored field projects in New Jersey and Central America and served as an interdisciplinary resource for promoting teaching and outreach to the wider community. New Jersey has no other institute or center comparable to CHAS.

Our Goals

The Center for Heritage and Archaeological Studies at Montclair State aims to:

  1. Promote research, including local field schools, public programs, exhibits, lectures and workshops.
  2. Engage students, scholars and the local community in these efforts.
  3. Develop new paths for outreach to the community (including schools, nonprofit organizations and institutions, and the general public).
  4. Involve a wide range of disciplines in our work, including scholars and practitioners of the humanities and social sciences, the natural sciences, the arts, archaeology, heritage studies and preservation, and the management of cultural resources (CRM).