The Montclair Electronic Language Learners' Database project collects, stores, and annotates text written by all levels of second language (L2) learners. The database is publicly available for research in L2 acquisition, L2 writing assessment, and L2 writing pedagogy. The database currently contains 44477 words of annotated text and another 53826 words of available but as yet unannotated text. The database is unique, as far as we know, in its 'free style' annotation of learner errors. Errors are annotated independently by two trained annotators without reference to a pre-determined list of error types. The error annotation is then adjudicated by the two annotators in consultation with one of the project directors.

The student productions are linked to information provided by the student on a background information form. No identifying information is given in the writing or background information. Students contributing to the database sign a release form permitting the use of their written work for L2 research purposes. The database is part of CLAIR, Montclair’s Center for Language Acquisition, Instruction, and Research.