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Advisory Board

Our Linguistics Department’s Advisory Board includes professionals from the industry. They offer advice that connects academic knowledge with real-world applications. This collaboration aims to enhance the department’s curriculum, research initiatives, and industry relevance. The Board helps us prepare students for successful careers in linguistics-related fields.

Montclair Self Study

You can also write to Anna Feldman about advisory committee issues.


  • Amalia Tsiongas, Ethnic Technologies
  • Anastassia Loukina, Grammarly
  • Andrew Rosenberg, Google NY
  • John Chen, Interactions
  • Jill Burstein, Duolingo
  • Joel Tetreault, Dataminr
  • Leslie Barrett, Bloomberg
  • Lin Gu, ETS
  • Lisa Spira, Persado
  • Matt Mulholland, ETS
  • Michael Flor, ETS
  • Na’im R. Tyson, Moody’s
  • Sara Rosenthal, IBM
  • Srinivas Bangalore, Interactions
  • Wendalyn Nichols, Cambridge University Press