Admissions Criteria

Criteria for admissions to the Weston Science Scholars Program for ninth, tenth and eleventh graders.

  • A serious interest in fields of science and mathematics.
  • Superior skills in the disciplines of science and mathematics as evidenced by recent grades or other indicators.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, as evidenced through the evaluation of an essay and a formal interview.
  • Personal qualities: hard working, responsible, enthusiastic and able to work well with others.
  • Willingness to participate in some form of community service approved by director(s). 20 hours required by November 30.


Applications for 2017 are closed, check back in late 2017 for the 2018 application!

  • Fill out the application packet
  • Teacher Recommendation forms
  • Essay - Answer the following questions:
    • Why do you want to participate in the Weston Science Scholars Program?
    • What do you hope to get out of it or achieve?
    • How will this benefit you in the future?
    • What are your expectations both emotionally and academically?
    • What can you contribute to the program?
    • Note: Your essay should be well organized, with cohesive concepts based on honesty, passion and scientific experiences. The essay should be one page, with a 12 size font and Times New Roman font face with a 1.0 inch margins. Please be prepared to discuss your essay at your interview!

45 scholars will be chosen for this program. Please Note: All completed math and science teacher recommendations will be directly submitted to Mrs. English. Each scholar will be scheduled for an interview.

Tuition Required: $650.00 due by April 3, 2017, after which, no refunds will be given.

If the total amount is not paid by this date, students will not be allowed to continue with the program. This program offers 7.5 high school science elective credits upon completion. Since credits are awarded on contact hours, scholars are permitted to miss NO more than 2 fieldtrips before credits will be deducted.