Weston Scholars working on project

Weston Science Scholars

For Summer 2022:

  • All Applicants Must Be Vaccinated and Produce a Negative Covid Test within 3 days of June 27, 2022
  • An Orientation will be held on May 12, 2022 in CELS Atrium. The Orientation will give the scholars an opportunity to meet the mentors.
  • Tuition: $900

The Weston Science Scholars Program offers select ninth, tenth and eleventh graders from Montclair High School the opportunity to learn science “by doing science.” The program recognizes high achieving students with significant potential in science, mathematics and related fields.

A partnership between Montclair State University and the Montclair Public Schools is made possible by Judy and Josh Weston and family. The Weston Program at Montclair State fosters a community of thinkers who ask tough questions and embrace new ideas.

The program will run June 25 – July 30. An Orientation is scheduled for May 13 via Zoom to provide participants an opportunity to meet all the mentors.

This summer…