Graduate and Doctoral Faculty Requirements


Members of the doctoral faculty serve as scholars, teacher/exemplars, advisors, and mentors to doctoral students, and have an essential role in the recruitment of students.

Doctoral faculty are expected to be creative and productive scholars whose contributions to the body of knowledge in their disciplines are consistent with the foci of the individual doctoral programs at Montclair State. Doctoral faculty members shall demonstrate their commitment to increasing the body of knowledge in their respective disciplines as evidenced by such achievements as national/international peer reviewed scholarly publications, externally funded research projects, successful grant acquisition, and invited lectures. As an extension of their scholarship and as a demonstration of their disciplinary strengths, doctoral faculty bear a major responsibility for developing and maintaining a curriculum that is intellectually coherent, rigorous, and timely.

Teaching at the doctoral level may take many forms and may be delivered in a variety of ways but should always seek the same result: to instill in our doctoral students an excitement for inquiry and learning undertaken with the highest level of intellectual rigor. Doctoral faculty will also balance their responsibilities in the doctoral program with continued significant participation in research and teaching with baccalaureate and master's students and with service to the institution and profession. Doctoral faculty members should also be available for summer teaching assignment to doctoral-level courses.

Advising is critical at the doctoral level and shall encompass initial orientation and guidance about coursework, doctoral-related examinations and research, monitoring progress toward timely degree completion, and making recommendations about a student's continuation in the program and advancement to candidacy. Doctoral faculty will need to demonstrate availability and flexibility in order to guide students toward active engagement in their scholarship and must be reasonably available either in person, telephonically, or electronically during all academic terms including summer sessions. All doctoral faculty members are required to chair and serve on dissertation committees.

Furthermore, doctoral faculty members are required to participate in the recruitment of students of the highest caliber, recognizing that the viability of a doctoral program is highly dependent on and reflective of the quality of its graduates.


Appointment to the doctoral faculty of a specific doctoral program is reserved for those faculty members who have the credentials to fulfill the roles and responsibilities set forth above and whose scholarly achievements, expertise, and experience are demonstrated to be of the highest quality. Candidates for appointment, reappointment and maintenance of doctoral status during the pendency of either an appointment or reappointment must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. hold a doctorate appropriate to the program in which the appointment is made;
  2. be active scholars who regularly engage in significant and high quality work within a clearly defined program of research in the field. The quality of their scholarship must be demonstrated by its selection for dissemination in a variety of national/international peer -reviewed scholarly publications, by presentations at national and international conferences, by the acquisition of competitive external funds to support the work, and/or by other equivalent forms of professional recognition appropriate to the discipline;
  3. be effective in their interaction with students and exercise well the full responsibilities associated with mentoring doctoral students, guiding their research, serving as chairs and members of dissertation committees, and ensuring the timely completion of the doctoral degree;
  4. be excellent teachers.


The term of appointment to the doctoral faculty shall normally be for a period of four years. Once designated as a member of the doctoral faculty, continuation in this role and any subsequent reappointment will require full and rigorous engagement in all of the roles and responsibilities set forth above.


Doctoral faculty shall have a twelve-credit load per semester which shall typically include teaching two courses, three credits of reassigned time for FSP, and three credits of reassigned time for performance of the roles and responsibilities set forth immediately above.


Selection Process: See other document.

Appointments to the Doctoral Faculty upon Initial Hire: In the event that an appointment to the doctoral faculty is to be made concurrently with the initial appointment to the faculty of Montclair State University, the Doctoral Program Coordinator and the faculty of the doctoral program in which the faculty member will hold his/her appointment to the doctoral faculty will review the appointment dossier and advise that Dean of the College/School and the Dean of the Graduate School regarding the appointment to the doctoral faculty. The Deans shall confer and make a recommendation to the Provost. The Provost shall appoint doctoral faculty and, during the probationary period, their term of appointment shall be concurrent with the term of their appointment to the faculty of Montclair State University.

Contents of the Application: A candidate for doctoral faculty status shall prepare an application that includes a current curriculum vitae and any accompanying materials she or he wishes that address the criteria for appointment (reappointment) to the doctoral faculty.


Any member of the University's faculty with the appropriate scholarly credentials may be assigned to teach a doctoral course when such an assignment is deemed to be in the best interest of the program.